How it works

Show your employees you care and give them access to the best way to give to charity – Payroll Giving. It’s the mark of an employer that leads by example and is a vital strand of any CSR or community plan. It also provides an additional benefit to offer employees.

Through Payroll Giving, any donation is tax free – which means that charities will benefit by up to 25% more on top of employee donations. When it comes to higher rate tax payers, charities benefit even more, receiving 66% or 81% extra on top of their donation – unlike any other form of giving.

Does your business plan take into account the growing numbers of employees, consumers and other stakeholders who believe it’s vital for companies to act ethically? More and more enlightened employers recognise and acknowledge the benefits of being Geared for Giving.

Setting up Payroll Giving is simple and not time consuming to manage. Yet the benefits to charities and your business are huge!
It’s quick and easy to become Geared for Giving - there’s no cost.
Simply choose your preferred Payroll Giving Agent, complete some minimal paperwork and you are ready to go!

If you are an employee

Payroll Giving allows you to easily donate to good causes tax free, direct from your pay – any charity, any cause. Giving through pay makes your hard-earned cash work even harder for your chosen charity as it is tax free, see the examples below. Every penny counts and the amount you donate and the cause you donate to is entirely up to you. It really is a no brainer! If you regularly give to charity, you can make more of a difference by giving through Payroll Giving.

If you are a 20% tax payer and give £10 a month through Payroll Giving, your chosen charity will receive £12.50.

If you are a higher rate tax payer (40%) you’ll see your money going even further. By donating £10 a month via pay, your chosen charity will receive £16.67.

Charities chosen by additional rate tax payers (45%) will receive a huge 81% on top of their donation. Giving £10 a month via pay means the charity will receive £18.18.

Sign up to Payroll Giving It’s quick and easy to sign up with one of our founding partners: