• Javed Khan, Chief Executive, Barnardo's

    Payroll Giving is a great initiative for all employers because it gives them a chance to create a system for their employees to give money regularly to causes that they care about. It’s something all employers should be making happen.

  • Gary Grant, Managing Director, The Entertainer

    We encourage our staff to be generous and offer a Payroll Giving scheme to make it really easy. Staff just select a charity of their choice, tell us how much every month and it’s all done for them. It’s a really easy tax-efficient way of giving.

  • Duncan Bannatyne, Chairman, Bannatyne Group

    I would urge every employer to ensure they are part of the Campaign; that they have a Payroll Giving scheme in place, promote the scheme and help to spread the word to customers and suppliers.

  • Suzy ChristopherSuzy Christopher

    Suzy Christopher, Charity and Community Director, BT

    Payroll Giving is really important part of BT employee engagement because it is an easy way for our people to donate to the causes they really care about. When they donate regularly we match fund so even more money goes to the charity

  • Seyi Obakin

    Seyi Obakin, Chief Executive, Centrepoint

    Payroll Giving is extremely important as it gives us access to funds to help young people to go from being homeless, to having a job and having a home of their own. Payroll Giving gives lots of people the opportunity of being part of that journey for the young person.

  • Lisa Condron, Company Secretary, London Stock Exchange

    I had a grandparent who died of bowel cancer so I opted to give £10 a month to Bowel & Cancer Research. Giving to charity direct from your salary is tax free. Because I’m a higher rate tax payer, my charity actually gets £10 for every £6 I give. That’s the really good bit.

  • Nick RobertsonNick Robertson

    Nick Robertson, Founder, ASOS

    We have generous colleagues at ASOS and wanted to provide a scheme that gave them the flexibility to choose where they give, in the most straightforward way possible. It’s part of our company ethos now and so we would encourage any company who hasn’t yet done so to get Geared for Giving.

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  • The Payroll Giving Team

Geared for Giving is a fundraising campaign calling for every employer with over 250 staff to offer Payroll Giving.



Geared for Giving


Our Goal

We want to double the number of employees who donate through Payroll Giving from 1 million to 2 million, to raise £130m more per year for charities in the UK and abroad.

Why choose Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is quite simply the smartest way to give. It allows employees to easily donate to good causes tax free, direct from their pay. Any charity, any cause.


Through Payroll Giving, any donation is tax free – which means that charities will benefit by a minimum of 25% more on top of all donations.


Charities that receive donations from higher rate (40%) tax payers benefit even more; they receive full tax relief on the donation – unlike any other form of giving.


Over £750m of vital funds are lost by UK charities each year as donations are not tax effective, we hope to change this.