About the Geared for Giving fundraising campaign

The Geared for Giving campaign was founded by Peter O’Hara and originally launched in May 2008 at the House of Commons. It was created in response to the fragmented nature of the Payroll Giving sector and the lack of public awareness of the huge benefits of giving to charity through pay. Since the original launch, Payroll Giving has seen a £22m increase year on year and over 1 million employees now donate to charity through their pay.

However there is much more to be done and we are once again galvanising employers into action. The Geared for Giving campaign is calling for every employer with over 250 staff in the UK to offer Payroll Giving by 2021. Our aim is to raise £130m more per year for charities by doubling the number of employees in Payroll Giving schemes at work, from 1 million to 2 million.

Peter established Geared for Giving as a Community Interest Company in August 2016, after receiving overwhelming support from our pioneering founding partners – ASOS, Beaverbrooks, BT, Experian, Hands On Payroll Giving, Linklaters LLP, The Entertainer and The Payroll Giving Team.

Please join us to make Payroll Giving available to every employee and raise millions more for charities in the UK and overseas.

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