The Payroll Giving Hub

Until now, one of the largest barriers to the ongoing growth of Payroll Giving is that it has not been clear which employers offer the scheme. It can be difficult for charities to promote and difficult for supporters to take it up without knowing if their employer offers it.  It’s estimated that there are a staggering 13 million employees who could give through their pay if they knew how and a potential of £750m extra for charities if these donations were given tax effectively.

The Payroll Giving Hub aims to make giving to charity through pay quick and easy. It will connect charities, employees and employers, allowing anyone to search whether their employer offers Payroll Giving, to sign up to give or request their employer puts the scheme in place. This is the first time ever the three major Payroll Giving Agencies (Charitable Giving, Charities Aid Foundation and Charities Trust) have provided this information and it marks a significant step forward in Payroll Giving. 

This free tool is designed to make promoting Payroll Giving simple for charities, increasing your regular income and making sure you are getting the most out of tax-free donations.

Simply include The Payroll Giving Hub link on your website and encourage your supporters to give to you through their pay.

The Payroll Giving Hub has been kindly funded and powered by one of our founding partners, BT. It is fully GDPR compliant and allows charities to log on securely to find out information on donors who have signed up to Payroll Giving.  As a registered user, you will also receive weekly reports with information on your donors so you are able to include them in your supporter journey. 

This is a completely free tool and we will not be taking any commission for this service. Our mission is to raise £130m more for charities per year by doubling the number of employees donating through Payroll Giving schemes at work, from one million to two million. We believe The Payroll Giving Hub can get us their much quicker!

The Payroll Giving Hub is planned to launch by the end of October 2019. Any charitable organisation can preregister at