Generation Z : Social responsibility over profitability

In an article recently published by Benefex, they shine a light on ‘Generation Z’, the latest generation to enter the workplace.

Generation Z has grown up with an influx of technology as the norm, globalisation, the reality of climate change and economic uncertainty. This has created a generation who are aware of the world around them, determined to affect change and expect the same from their employers.

In Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey¬†¬†they found that ‘millennials and Gen Zs show deeper loyalty to employers who boldly tackle the issues that resonate with them the most.’ The message coming from our youngest working generation is clear – they value honesty, sustainability and equality above anything else.

The question is, how can you show your young workforce your business’ values align with theirs? The more you can align your business with Generation Z’s sentiments, the more up and coming talent you can attract and retain.

We believe introducing a Payroll Giving scheme in your workforce is a great first step. It’s the mark of an employer that leads by example and is a vital strand of any CSR plan. By offering the chance to donate through pay, staff can choose to donate to any cause they wish and by giving them this option, you’re sending the message you care about them and you care about the world around you.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can offer this scheme to your employees, click here and sign up today.