The Entertainer raises £1 million for charity through Payroll Giving

Gary GrantWe’re so proud to share that one of our Founding Partners, The Entertainer, have raised £1 million for charity through Payroll Giving.

Business magazine Toyworld released an article on Friday with the news. ‘Over half of all employees at The Entertainer are now giving regularly to over 200 charities through their pay. The company matches every donation pound for pound with employees new to the scheme also enjoying an additional £25 for their chosen charity when they first sign up. With charities losing around £600 million in unclaimable tax each year, Payroll Giving provides worthy causes with much – needed income.’

The Entertainer launched Payroll Giving in 2011 after Founder and Chairman Gary Grant attended a Geared for Giving Campaign dinner and learned all about the benefits of the scheme. Since then, not only have The Entertainer raised a huge amount of money, they have also contributed hugely to leading the way and encouraging other employers to follow suit and sign up to Payroll Giving. We are hugely grateful to have such a well respected force behind our campaign and wouldn’t be where we are without their backing.

The article continues, ‘Gary Grant, Founder and Chairman of The Entertainer, commented: ‘Giving back is at the heart of The Entertainer, which is why each year we donate 10% of our profits to a number of children’s charities and organisations. We also encourage all our employees to support a charity of their choice in whatever way they can, with The Entertainer matching each donation. We are absolutely delighted that the total raised has now reached £1m – we couldn’t be prouder of our caring and generous team.”‘

If you’d like to join The Entertainer in offering your employees the smartest way to give to charity, find out more and sign up here.