Calling Welsh Employers

CAF have just released their first dedicated report on charitable giving in Wales, and what a generous bunch the Welsh are!

67%of Welsh inhabitants say they have participated in a charitable or social activity in the last 4 weeks, higher than the UK average of 64%. November is also a huge month for giving with the Welsh response to seasonal appeals nearly 10% higher than the UK average.

The report shows that one of the trouble spots on the fundraising landscape in Wales is those claiming Gift Aid on their donations in Wales is lower than the UK average as a whole (47% vs 51%) meaning charities are losing out on this extra 25p on every £1 given.

Payroll Giving can help fix this problem. It allows employees to donate to any cause they like, tax free from their salary. So unlike a donation made under Gift Aid, every donation via Payroll Giving has the tax included.

What’s more higher and super rate tax payers will see their money go even further. For example, a higher rate tax payer (40%) who donates £10 a month via their pay, their chosen charity will receive £16.67, unlike Gift Aid which is only ever standard rate.

From our own research however, currently only 19% of businesses in Wales offer Payroll Giving, below the national average of 24%.

So in support of the launch of this important piece of research we are calling on Welsh businesses to sign up to Payroll Giving and lead to UK in all areas of giving.

Find out more and sign up here.