Social Enterprise Day 2019!

This Social Enterprise Day, Geared for Giving would like to say a big thankyou to our Founding Partners, who are all huge advocates for Payroll Giving and have helped us raise awareness and money for thousands of charities.

Geared for Giving was established as a Community Interest Company in August 2016 after receiving overwhelming support from our pioneering Founding Partners – ASOS, Beaverbrooks, BT, Cancer Research UK, Experian, Hands On Payroll Giving, The Entertainer and The Payroll Giving Team. Since then an extra £9 million has been raised for good causes. We’ve had more than 500 new employers sign up to the scheme and contacted over 2000 directly. 

Our Founding Partners have helped us create a movement, encouraging other businesses to sign up to Payroll Giving and enabling us to work towards our mission; to raise £130m more for charities per year by doubling the number of employees donating through Payroll Giving schemes at work. These businesses have chosen to support us because they believe in the scheme and have seen the impact it has had in their own places of work.

ASOS have been amazing advocates of Payroll Giving, launching the scheme 10 years ago as one of their early steps in Corporate Responsibility. They now have over 21% of employers donating each month, raising over £100,000 charities each year with over 120 charities supported. They have helped fund the Geared for Giving campaign, hosted sector lunches and written to other large employers encouraging them to implement the scheme. A true champion in the sector, helping our social enterprise to thrive.

The Entertainer have raised a whopping £1 million for charities through Payroll Giving. Over half of their employers give regularly through their pay to over 200 charities. The Entertainer launched Payroll Giving in 2011 after Founder and Chairman Gary Grant attended a Geared for Giving Campaign dinner and learned about the benefits of the scheme. Since then, not only have The Entertainer raised a huge amount of money, they have also made a massive contribution to leading the way and encouraging other employers to follow suit and sign up to Payroll Giving. We are hugely grateful to have such a well respected force behind our campaign and wouldn’t be where we are without their backing.

BT runs one of the largest and most successful schemes since 1987, since Payroll Giving was introduced. More than 11,000 employees are currently donating through the scheme raising £2.7 million each year. BT have been amazing advocates for Geared for Giving, helping us launch the campaign with a splash in 2016 at the BT Tower, written to numerous large employers and hosted lunches. Most recently they have been working with us to develop the Payroll Giving Hub, a free tool which allows anyone to search whether their employer offers Payroll Giving, sign up to give through their pay or request their employers put the scheme in place. 

We would love to use Social Enterprise Day to acknowledge all our amazing partners. Social Enterprises like us could not survive without them and we thank them for being such pioneers in Payroll Giving.

If you would like to support the Geared for Giving Campaign, please contact peter@gearedforgiving.org