People give more when asked to donate, says research

Directly asking people to give to charity means that 81% are more likely to donate, according to research from YouGov and the Institute of Fundraising.

The report Why people give and their experience of donating highlights the need for fundraising and the motivation of donors.

The report found that 30% of those asked to donate would not have given at all, if they hadn’t been asked. While 10% stated that they would have contributed a lesser amount if they hadn’t been asked.

Peter O’Hara, Founder and Chief Executive of the Geared for Giving Campaign says:

“Insights provided by this type of research demonstrate that prompting employees to give through their pay is a fantastic way to fundraise. Employees often want to give, but are too busy to look into how they can do so. By offering Payroll Giving, companies can show they care about the causes their employees care about.”

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Read the full report.