Payroll Giving reaches a 4 year high

HMRC has just released data which shows the number of people signed up to Payroll Giving has increased by 52,000 compared to the previous financial year.

The number of employees donating to their chosen charity through their pay has gone from 1,034,000 in 2017-18 to 1,086,000 in 2018-19, the highest it’s been in four years. Currently 4,700 employers operate the scheme in the UK benefiting over 8,500 different causes.

The total amount of money raised has reduced from £137 million to £132 million. While this is a little disappointing, we believe this is due to a number of large one-off donations which were made in 2017-18. The great news is with contributions made by employers matching donations of £8.3 million, the total amount raised was £140.3 million.

Peter O’Hara, Founder of the Geared for Giving campaign comments, ‘It’s great to see an increase in the number of people donating to charities through their pay. Our mission is to raise £130 million more for charities per year by doubling the number of employees donating through Payroll Giving schemes at work, from one million to two million. We’re really proud of the extra £9 million that has been raised for charities since we started the campaign in 2016. There’s clearly much more work to do to reach this target, but we are in this for the long game and it’s great to see we’re moving towards our goal.’

If you don’t already offer Payroll Giving, find out more here and join us to make Payroll Giving available to all employees and raise millions more for charities in the UK and overseas.