Why Payroll Giving is so important to us as a business

Gary GrantWith over 50% of their employees now taking part in Payroll Giving Gary Grant, Managing Director and owner of The Entertainer as well as Patron of the Geared for Giving Campaign, tells us why he is supporting the Campaign.

“I give through my pay because I want to make a difference, I want to give something back.  Over the years our business has become quite successful. I see many people in a different situation to myself and I want to make a difference in their lives.

We are toy retail shops with 125 shops throughout the UK.  I’m really encouraging the high street to consider embracing the concept of Payroll Giving.  Come on high street, we can make a difference, we can lead many industries from the front by being a champion of this amazing cause to make a difference in peoples lives.

Being generous is really important to The Entertainer and as a company we give to many many charities.  We use a scheme called pennies in our stores for our customers to give to charities. We also want to encourage our staff to be generous. For this reason we offer a Payroll Giving scheme to make it really easy.  Staff just select a charity of their choice, tell us how much every month and it’s all done for them.  It’s a really easy tax efficient way of giving to charities.

We introduced Payroll Giving about 5 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength and today 50% of our staff give to charity.  As a little incentive as a company we want to encourage them to be generous so we match their Payroll Giving.  We introduced Payroll Giving as a perk to staff about 5 years ago and we started off with a core number of staff that started to give and the staff have encouraged each other and as we have opened new stores we have gone out and told the new teams of the value of giving to a charity of their choice.  In order to encourage them we match their payroll giving so if an employee decides to give £10 to a charity, we will match that £10.

I am sure there are many companies that currently do not run a Payroll Giving Scheme but our employees see Payroll Giving as a real benefit, an employment benefit.  I would encourage retailers throughout the high street to grab hold of this amazing initiative.  It’s really easy to implement and something your employees would be really pleased that you are offering them as a perk.

The Payroll Giving concept is really easy to introduce, it just needs someone from the top to say “we want to do this”, “let’s get behind this”, come on payroll just put this system in place and many, many payroll packages today have the module to enable you to give to charities, so it is not really an onerous job.

So I would encourage employers to consider doing it, to lead from the front to promote it, to encourage it and you’ll be staggered just how many staff will thank you for making Payroll Giving such an easy thing to do.

I would encourage employers to make Payroll Giving available to every employee and that’s why The Entertainer is supporting the Geared for Giving Campaign”

Contact us at info@gearedforgiving.org to find out more about offering Payroll Giving.