The Myths of Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is quite simply the smartest way to give. If you want to show your employees you care, give them access to the best way to give to charity. It’s the mark of an employer that leads by example and is a vital strand of and CSR or Community plan.

Even though we know Payroll Giving is a no-brainer, we also understand that you need total clarity when it comes to setting up anything new in your workplace. We have therefore put together our top Payroll Giving Myths to help dispel any worries you might have.

1. All employees must give to the same charity that the company chooses.

This is not true. Employees are free to choose any charity or cause that is close to their hearts and donate however much they want.

2. It’s expensive, time consuming and difficult to set up Payroll Giving.

Actually setting up Payroll Giving is quick and easy and there is no cost. Simply choose your preferred Payroll Giving Agent, complete some minimal paperwork and you are ready to go.

3. My staff aren’t interested in giving to charity through their pay

We know that more and more staff are choosing to give to charity in this way. The number of employees signed up to Payroll Giving is at a 4 year high, while many other funding streams are in decline.

4. The charities won’t notice a difference in their income – they already receive plenty of money.

There are already 10,000 charities in the UK that already receive vital donations from Payroll Giving every month. However there are 390,000 more charities that could be benefiting from tax-free donations from employers. Payroll Giving is a particularly valuable income stream for smaller charities as it provides an opportunity for supporters to make a regular and tax free donation, providing a solid base for the charity to forecast their income.

So now the records been set straight, what’s stopping you? Sign up to Payroll Giving today!