How to boost morale in your workforce

Boost morale with Payroll GivingA happy workforce is a productive workforce. A business which supports it’s staff and motivates them in meaningful ways is a business which attracts and keeps the best talent.

More and more, employees want to feel part of something bigger. They want to feel that they are not just working for the ‘man’ but that they are working for a organisation who cares for them and cares for the world around them.

A table tennis table, bean bags and a warm glass of wine on a Friday are not enough to create a culture where your employees feel truly motivated and valued. Instead you must look beyond your business, beyond your profit line and see what you can do to give back and how you can help your employees do the same.

New research from CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) has found that businesses who encourage staff to donate to charity and volunteer their time enjoy the added bonus of a boost in employee morale.  Their research showed that 48% of respondents agreed that businesses and organisations that support charities and good causes make for better employers.

“This research shows that supporting charities is a great way to improve morale in the workplace.  Not only does it help businesses and organisations to retain their existing workforce, but showing support for charities helps employers attract new talent.’ Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at CAF.


The good news is this couldn’t be easier to put into practice! Payroll Giving is an easy way to lead by example and show your staff you care. By offering the chance to donate through their pay, staff can choose to donate to any cause they wish and by giving them this option, you’re sending the message you care about them and you care about the world around you.

 Gary Grant‘We encourage our staff to be generous and offer a Payroll Giving scheme to make it really easy. Staff just select a charity of their choice, tell us how much every month and it’s all done for them. It’s a really easy tax – efficient way of giving.’ Gary Grant, Managing Director at The Entertainer.


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