Donations to charities are down, but Payroll Giving could be the answer.

Geared for givingCAF’s UK Giving Report, released on Tuesday, showed that charitable giving is at a 3 year low, with the number of people saying they have given to charity dropping from 61% to 57% over 3 years.

There could be many factors at play here, but the fundraising landscape has undoubtably become more challenging in recent years. Traditional fundraising methods such as face-to-face and direct mail has taken a huge hit, not to mention economic uncertainty and a decline in trust towards charities. Charities need to rethink their strategies to generate regular income.

We believe Payroll Giving holds the answer. In an uncertain landscape, the regular donations Payroll Giving generates can help charities better predict their income, not to mention get more bang for their buck from pre-tax donations.

Here at the Geared for Giving campaign we are calling for every employer with over 250 staff in the UK to offer Payroll Giving by 2021. Our aim is to raise £130m more per year for charities by doubling the number of employees in Payroll Giving schemes at work, from 1 million to 2 million.

With the weight of some amazing companies and partners behind us – ASOS, Beaverbrooks, BT, Cancer Research UK, Experian, Hands On Payroll Giving, Linklaters LLP, The Entertainer and The Payroll Giving Team, we’re looking to change the fundraising landscape.

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